Answers to most frequently asked questions.

1. Where will my book(s) be listed? A: Books will be listed on our website, Lulu, Amazon, Kindle and other sites. It is our intention to get you the most exposure as we can through our growing network. We also release your book through IngramSpark.

2. What services do you provide the author? A: We help authors who want to get their book into the market. We work with professionals to bring your MS up to standard publishing formats. Our service includes: Formatting; Editing/Ghost-writing; Cover Design/Art work; ISBN Assignment. Once your book is ready for publication, we release your book as Ebook, Paperback, and for some titles, Hardcover, and AudioBook.

3. Vanity Publishing. A: Vanity Publishers traditionally make money from charging the author money upfront to have their novel published, or from selling add-on services to authors. Our firm only makes money from royalty sales of your work. We no not charge you to publish your work.

4. Marketing. A: While we provide some marketing services, we do require you to spend as much time into promoting your work as possible. Who better to promote your work than YOU. If you do not have a marketing plan, then we suggest you check out what other authors are doing to actively promote their book(s) before you submit your pitch to us. For more details on Marketing, please download this PDF Document.

5. What formats will my book be available in? ​A: Your novel will be available as E-Book in PDF, HTML, Kindle, E-Pub, RTF, LRF formats and POD (Print On Demand)

6. I have been accepted by ASJ Publishing. How soon will my book be available for purchase? A: Once we have your completed MS, your book is sent to one of our editors. From the time of your MS to being accepted to the time of being published, can be a process of up to 6 to 9 months.

7. I have an idea for a story. Can I still submit? A: We are not accepting “ideas” for stories. You need to have your MS completed, or near completion.

8. Do you pay advances? A: Yes. We do offer a small advance at this stage.

9. My work has been accepted. Can I call your office to discuss? ​A: Unless you are in Australia, then the best form of communication is by Email.

10. Book Fairs A: At present, our focus is 1 book fair a year.

11. Publishing Period A: We publish titles from February through to end of August each year.

Foreign Rights:
It is our pleasure to announce that ASJ Publishing has signed an exclusive agreement with Chengdu Rightol Media in Chengdu, China to represent our authors in the Chinese market. For all enquiries regarding Chinese rights, please contact us.


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