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E. Matheson

E. Matheson is Melbourne based and started creative writing after a career in the Info-Tech arena.

His current project is the Riley & Elfy children’s adventure series. The Adventures of Riley and Elfy was published in 2018, Further Adventures of Riley and Elfy timed for 2020 and Riley & Elfy – More Adventures aimed for 2020. The stories are about little mysterious creatures who inhabit a faraway Scottish island, where they have a variety of adventures. They face the fierce-some canine Cu-Sidth in a large marshy bog and are saved by the mystical Lady of the Moor. In a Viking ship abandoned long ago they have a sea adventure. They travel to the moon on a rescue mission and are helped by the Moon Princess and her White Rabbit. They also meet strange prehistoric creatures in the Underworld, after a wild log ride on an underground river. The stories are professionally illustrated by G.B. Serafica who brings them alive for our young readers.

E. Matheson is also writing some short stories for adults – aiming for publication in 2020.