Book Release – Stanley’s Favourite Things by Terri Mitchell

Stanley’s Favourite Things
By Terri M. Mitchell

When Stanley is taken home from the animal shelter, many strange and new experiences await him. From cheese to a birthday party, each discovery quickly becomes his favorite thing!


Available in Paperback and Digital.

Book Release – The Red Legion by Max Davine

The Red Legion
By Max Davine

Prohibition is over, closing the lid on half the crime in New York. Wall Street has crashed, opening it up for a whole new breed of criminal to roam the city streets…not that it’s Ineke Valence’s problem anymore. She has long since hung up her revolver, replacing it with a soda bottle, her red scarf with a barmaid’s threads. That is until her old nemesis from the force Sergeant Fielding decides to make it her problem, framing her for a murder and then setting her up to fall hard. Valence moves quickly to bust the case, but when an old associate from her days as a Bandita down in Mexico resurfaces bringing omens of ill for her, and then someone makes the fatal mistake of kidnapping her daughter Elysia. Valence heads to Mexico to retrieve her, the line between Ineke and Angel never so stretched, never so close herself to becoming what she has always feared.

the red legion _ Cover

Available in Paperback, Digital and soon as Audiobook

Book Release – Slingshot

by Marc Douglas

Slingshot is an adventure set in the future. Issues today (environment damage, shrinking resources, inept politicians, bizarre dictators, religious fanatics and economic chaos) are projected into an era when Earth will no longer support our bludgeoning population. A sister planet is found, a method to travel is discovered (the Slngshot Principle) and two of our first long range missions crash and are marooned on an alien planet. Not quite the start they envisioned but a clean slate and new beginning regardless. A story of courage, passion, faith and fortitude.


Available on Smashwords, Kindle and Amazon Print

Book Release – Shadow by Deanna Martinez

By Deanna Martinez

The Rocks have them, so do the birds and the bees. The animals too, even the flowers and trees.” Shadow the cat is curious to see, what is this estranged thing that follows her and what could it be? Follow Shadow on her journey as she discovers the mystery of the shadow that follows her.

Available as Paperback on Lulu, and digital on Kindle and Smashwords


Book Release – Childrens Books by Maria McCutchen

Introducing the delightful children’s stories from Maria McCutchen that will entertain and educate your child.

When a child discovers about animals and learns something new; whether a new animal or a new trait about the animal, there is nothing more exciting. “I Live in a Tree” series helps to encourage that excitement by helping a child to learn something new and fascinating about the animal.

Available as Paperback or individual stories are available on Kindle. (Click the image to be redirected to Kindle for each title).


I live in the sea



I live in a tree

I live on a farm

Book Release – The Pend Principle

The Pend Principle
Rudi Tartaglia

Paperback: 978-1495435836

the pend principle

The PEND Principle ™ was created by marketing consultant, Rudi Tartaglia. Rudi created this process after working with hundreds of clients in a consultancy capacity, who most times struggled with developing strategic process in their business. The PEND Principle ™ covers four key strategic principles that businesses can use to grow over the short, medium, and long term. This process takes the guess work out of when and how to grow strategically, and this principle can be applied across any business type, large or small.

Available in paperback, ebook and soon as Audiobook

Book Release – Tales Of A Tenacious Tenor

Tales Of A Tenacious Tenor
Robert P. Mitchell

Ebook: 978-0-9923963-9-8
Paperback: 978-0-9923963-8-1

Tales Of A Tenacious Tenor

Why aren’t you singing at the Met?

…a question frequently asked of the author after a performance. Bob liked to say to people, “I could never come up with a snappy come-back, so I sat down and wrote the whole story…” from when the great movie tenor, Mario Lanza, in the movie Student Prince (1954), inspired him to sing, to his last performance in 1991 as Don José in Carmen. Bob sang more than forty leading roles for more than thirty years with fifteen opera companies in New York City not many people know about.

His story reads like a nail-biting novel, and it’s all true.

Available in Paperback & Ebook.