Upcoming Titles

The following titles are scheduled for release in 2015/2016. Check back often to check on Title Updates.


C.A.Milson – Prophecy’s End (The Chosen Series – Book Four).
Genre: Horror
Blurb: From the time of the Ancients, it was foretold that there would come a time when The Darkness would be unleashed on the world and herald a new age for humankind. Now, that day has come! From the depths of Tartarus, the Dark One has arisen to fulfill the ancient prophecies. But will Alex escape from Tartarus in time to save humanity, or will the Dark Messiah fulfill the Prophecies and bring about eternal damnation?

Prophecy’s End – The final chapter in The Chosen Series. Be terrified of the Darkness. It is coming…

Release Date: Q4 2016


Lee J. Mavin – Li Bai’s Shadow.

Release Date: Q3 2015

Marc Douglas – A Matter Of Vengeance.
Genre: Drama
Blurb: This story was inspired by Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo, a classic and favorite of my family. A tale of love, betrayal, empathy and forgiveness…it is a classic which I have updated into today’s world. This was great fun to research and write, I hope it’s nearly that to read.

Release Date: Q3 2015

Marc Douglas – Walk The Stars.
Genre: Sci-Fi

Release Date: Q4 2015

Max Davine – Hannah’s Angels.
Genre: Adventure
Blurb: Hannah Krause is eighteen years old, blue eyed, blonde, German. She is also a spy for the Nazis, inserted covertly into Russia to help Hitler plan for the perfect attack on the Soviets. Only something has gone wrong. Hannah Krause, with information which could save or destroy the entire world, has gone missing.
They come from the great superpowers of the globe; the USA send one to save her, the Axis send one to take her back, and the Russians send one to kill her.

Ineke Valence has been hiding out in Havana, but when the Pentagon tracks her down and blackmails her into taking the job, threatening her beloved daughter in the process, she has no choice but to take it…even though she knows it will pitch her against not one but two of her most feared enemies!

Amon Krause was once a lover of Ineke, but he never knew she’d go on to become the Angel of New York. He has come to bring his daughter, and the vital intelligence she holds, back to Berlin, where Germany is preparing for war.
The Viper has returned to the Soviet Union to track down and kill Hannah Krause, but is it the lure of money this time? Or the Krause’s association with her long lost prey, the one they call Angel, which has brought her here?
They were the toughest, the meanest and the baddest of the 1920’s, but now on the eve of World War Two, these aging, largely redundant killers will cross the globe to South East Asia and eventually Australia to clash one last time, over one last prize. This time the Angel is going to need all the help she can get…

Release Date: Q4 2015

Max Davine – Forget Me Knot.
Genre: Romance
Blurb: Love is blind to beauty, Pretense it lays to waste, Love is blind to culture, Love cannot see race, Nor family, color or creed, Love will chance on fate, Love shines through darkness, Through even the shadow of hate.

Leah Ryan is 32 years old, lives in a shared apartment in Melbourne, is estranged from her mother, has had all career ambition slip from her grasp and seems to be stuck in an adolescant time-warp. Then, one day, her caring, devoted but mysterious and often melancholy grandmother Johanna Rita Tegeler dies. Leah’s mother grants her permission to take a few items for keepsakes; Johanna’s journals, chronicling the most enigmatic time of her life; her experiences as a German woman during World War Two. What she finds written in those pages is a life of love lost, of loneliness, of hardship and the horror of the Holocaust.

Release Date: Q3 2015

Max Davine – Dreams Of The Nightshade.
Genre: Fantasy
Blurb: Julie Cody, at 14, is lost and alone in the world. At a young age she lost her brother Mal to cancer, and now she herself is stricken by some strange illness the doctors can’t seem to identify. As her mother Ella fights to cure her beloved daughter and identify what’s wrong with her, Julie begins to dream of another world, a strange and silent place with no beginning and no end, but where life’s greatest lessons might be discovered.

Release Date: Q4 2015

Max Davine – Life From The Outside.
Genre: Drama/Dark Comedy
Blurb: “Life: My parents dragged me out to this party. I’m awkward at parties at the best of times, but for this one I was not even on the guest list. There’s not enough catering, I’m not dressed appropriately, there’s no seat at the dining table, the dance floor is full and everyone’s spoken for. But I’ve run into some friends, they’re always great fun. Some of the music’s not too bad, if you go into the other rooms and look through the host’s vinyls. I guess the venue is quite pretty too. Alright, I’ll go find whoever’s throwing this shindig and see if we can try, at least, to get along.”

A bitingly cynical, bitter, twisted, anxious love story, laced with black comedy, about a generation driven to breaking point by social expectations, and how love survives in the superficial, self-obsessed, impatient world of today…if it does at all.

Release Date: Q1 2016


Margaret Pearce – Tales Of The Supernatural & Other Oddities
Genre: Ghost Stories
Blurb: Of the thirty six stories in this book, some are traditional hauntings or possession of either people or machines. There are also unfortunate bargains done with creatures who don’t always win and aliens sometimes friendly and sometimes not.

The inevitable cats with doubtful backgrounds make an appearance. There are slightly time travel futures both pleasant and unpleasant. Humans will always struggle, scheme and plan to improve themselves or mischief-make to change the world more to their liking. As nobody really believes in magic there are tales of odd coincidences and of betterment and worsement.

Only three of the ghost stories are written from versions of solid authenticated cases and to protect the ghosts disseminating this information is prohibited.

Release Date: Q1 2016

Richard W. Black – Heresy’s Child.
Genre: Political Fiction
Blurb: In the world of the not-so-distant future, government bureaucracy controls everything. In the name of tolerance, Christianity is silenced. Citizens are told that society has become more civil. Prisons are emptied when criminals are offered a pardon if they can survive a run through the gauntlet of rollerbladers competing to terminate them in a sanitized violent sport called The Game. As well, dissidents of the benevolent government also risk becoming runners in The Game. Meanwhile, a chosen few, blessed by the government, are showered with possessions, privilege and power. Danielle Goodwin lived in this world among the favored. She rose to wealth and influence as the most watched cable news anchor and the daughter of the President of the United States. But meteoric is the fall of the heretic’s daughter. When her father became a Christian and was forced to flee into hiding, Danielle is arrested and condemned to be a non-person with no official identity. Still, there is hope.

Her ex-lover wants the presidency and he offers her a deal. If Danielle can navigate the world of the NOPES to hunt down her father and bring him to justice, her promised reward is the restoration of her former life. The Great Heretic has become his government’s most feared enemy. The former president’s one crime is that he brought Christianity into the White House, breaking the law. Danielle’s hatred for her father is her primary motivation; but vengeance is not easy when love intervenes. The feelings for her old lover have resurfaced as well as those for a rollerman who attempts to romance Danielle’s heart. Love complicates even the best of plans. Her father is not the man she once knew him to be and one of the men of her life will betray her. As with any who become inconvenient to those holding the power, the fate of all lies in The Game. Therefore, vengeance will cost Heresy’s Child more than she could have ever imagined.

Release Date: Q4 2015






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