Timothy Pina


Timothy Pina is an American author (Children’s Fiction) poet, screenplay/ playwright and human rights advocate who has overcome various life obstacles to go on and createan inspiring life.

As a successful author and humanitarian, he attributes much of his success to a deep spiritual awakening he had in 2003. This experience has led Timothy down the road of self-discovery and conscious living.

Today, Timothy strives to help others to rise above life’s challenges and create a life that will add value to others and to the world. Finding writing his passion in life…he tries to use it to help empower andinspire all those in despair. With many stories in his writing arsenal, Timothy promises his fans…the best is yet to come.

His book, Bullying Ben is available as Ebook and Audiobook

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Q&A With Timothy Pina

​Q: What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
A: I often meditate each day before I rise from my bed. My meditation consist of thanking God for giving me another day on earth and how I can better other lives because of this extra day. I then start feeding my mind with positive affirmations helping me to overcome any problems I may face daily. Loving life, my children and helping others over despair are my true inspirations.

Q: When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?
A: At 55 I try my best to eat right and go for walks each day. Walking helps inspire me to create new stories in my mind and deal at times with the severe pain from arthritis I have in my neck. As a historian I watch the history channel which feeds me new ideas for other stories I may right in the future.

Q: When did you first start writing?
A: I have always enjoyed creating new stories and started writing sport stories in public school. I was a photojournalist in high school and college and was fortunate to have some of my work published in China Town newspapers in NYC.

Q: What’s the story behind your latest book?
A: Benjamin Franklin was probably America’s first celebrity and icon. Very few know that as intelligent as Ben was he struggled in school with math and was severely bullied by his brother James and others. Benjamin Franklin not only overcame being bullied but also grew up to become a great inventor and one of the most beloved fore-fathers of the American Revolution. Bullying Ben tries to teach children that despair will affect us all in our lifetime but great are those who can rise above it and go forward on the roads to their destiny.

Q: What motivated you to become an author?
A: I was going through a very bad divorce and wanted to write stories to help my children overcome their despair and give them hope for better days to come. I wrote Bullying Ben because as I child I was bullied so severely that I stuttered badly. I became heartbroken reading stories about children committing suicide (bullycide) over being bullied that I knew writing a book on this subject was my destiny. It took me a few months but in time Bully Ben was birthed.

Q: What are you working on next?
A: My next children’s book is titled “Poor Abe: How Abraham Lincoln Overcame Poverty” Revolutionary Tails: The Legend Of TJ Raccoon, Westward Raccoon: The Story Of Sacajawea and The Legend Of The Peace Panda are all future books.

Q: Who are your favorite authors?
​A: So many but…Jerry B. Jenkins, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Edgar Allan Poe, Thurston Clarke, Arthur M. Schlesinger are among my favorite.

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