The Alphabet Gang
Author: Tara Mitchell
Editor: Donna Pearlman

Description: The Alphabet Gang, prequel to Annabelle’s Kingdom, tells the story of a young and happy girl. Annabelle loves her family, especially her father. They do many things together mostly laugh. She also has great friends whom she spends much of her time with. They all are close to an older woman, Mrs. Hobbs who sets them out on adventures and gives them projects to complete. They have costume parties and camp outs where they strengthen the ties of friendship. When Annabelle and her father are faced with terrible tragedies, Annabelle turns to Mrs. Hobbs and her friends. She and her father drift apart when he withdraws from his daughter and the friends who care about him. With time and love Mrs. Hobbs and Annabelle’s friends help her out of her darkest times showing her the true power of friendship. Annabelle in turn does the same for her father. She learns that regardless of life’s tragedies tomorrow can always be a better day.​

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