Max Davine was born in Victoria, Australia in 1989, to an eclectic mix of backgrounds. His father’s family had immigrated from Ireland during the Potato Famine, and are a mix of Irish, Norwegian and Spanish ancestry. His mother’s family escaped from Hungary, Austria and Germany during the Soviet takeover, and subsequent revolutions, after the Second World War. Members of his grandfather’s extended family fought both for the Nazis and for the partisans who rebelled against them. This unique lineage, and the rather unusual stories passed onto him by way of living relatives, informs both his writing and philosophical perspectives of history and where the world is headed.

Musical theatre in high school projected Davine first onto the path of a playwright and screenwriter, and he worked a number of odd jobs through his final years of school to finance his aspirations in Los Angeles. Though he signed a contract with a small production company in Hollywood, he quickly returned broke and directionless.

Acting was a salvation. He joined Peter Kalos at the Melbourne Actor’s Lab at the age of 20, after which he would appear in several feature films and stage productions. He won awards for his efforts but acting just didn’t hold his attention. After three years, he signed a contract with ASJ Publishing and released his first novel, Terra Domina, a violent and confronting study into post-colonial Australia. Four more novels would follow; Angel Valence and it’s sequel The Red Legion, family-oriented fable Off The Map and gung-ho action adventure Dino-Hunt.

In 2015, he took a break from publishing books to tackle academia. In 2018, he achieved a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and Literary Studies. That same year, he signed a new contract with London-based publisher Tamarind Hill Press to release his first novel in three years, Mighty Mary.

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