27f1be0da1aeeb40e7a87134d3faad94 She’s Not So Ordinary
Authors: C.A.Milson & J.D.Rebel
Paperback ISBN: 978-1479345595

Description: C.A.Milson’s new horror installment in “The Chosen” series, and based on the screenplay, “This Is No Ordinary Girl” by C.A.Milson & J.D.Rebel.

Laura was once a girl who had everything to live for. A loving fiancee, a great job and two cats. That was until Jamiesonn came into her life, and in a whirlwind, everything she had was gone.For the next 18 months, her life spiralled out of control, until “he” came along. Garry was charming, witty, and in a way, a light in the darkness. But Laura is not all she seems to be, and her secret will be revealed.

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