Author: Bec Taylor
Editor: Anna Jackson

SPREADING THE WORD … CHEMICALS IN FOOD IS ABSURD! More and more families want to know what is in our foods? They want assurances that the purchases they make are free from harmful chemicals and the convenience of supermarket shopping isn’t effecting their families overall health and wellbeing. However, reading labels in a busy supermarket aisle now requires a science degree and a magnifying glass! Eating additive and preservative free pre-packaged foods is becoming increasingly difficult with misleading packaging and confusing labels. Cut the Chemicals Cookbook helps you cut chemicals from your families diet when you don’t know where to begin. No label reading required – I’ve done all the hard work for you! This cookbook details the foods to avoid, why to avoid them and lists the safe basic pantry items every Australian home should have. The real gem is the full Shopping Guide listing all the safe pre-packaged foods that you can buy from your supermarket today. Now with over 90 adaptable recipes I can help you create satisfying additive and preservative free meals and snacks for better health, wellbeing and behaviour! No more unsafe colours, flavours or preservatives! Follow the 12 step how to guide and use the printable’s and Shopping Guide to help you plan your weekly menu.


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