Rebecca Taylor grew up in rural Victoria, Australia and studied Politics and History at Monash University.

​After a career working for politicians in Federal Politics, Rebecca re-studied at Monash to become a Secondary School History Teacher and now resides in Mt Eliza, Victoria with her husband Jason and their four children.

​Rebecca’s first book was written for the young teen audience and is a historical fiction called Shipwrecked: the Saving of Eva Carmichael. A story about a real life historical character and event in a fictional circumstance, that helped educate about the treacherous nature of Australian colonial immigration.

The Cut the Chemicals Cookbook was her next journey into authorship. After experiencing the effects of food intolerance with her own children, Rebecca decided to learn more about diet modification for better health and behavior.  Through a lot of research Rebecca was able to make changes that suit the lifestyle of a busy modern family, while ensuring her children didn’t feel like they were missing out or were different to their friends.

​A mum, a wife, a teacher and now blogger and cookbook writer, Rebecca brings to Cut the Chemicals the energy and research expertise to make sure that other families out there don’t have to suffer through food intolerance and can have a fun time with real food too!

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