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Short Story Competition

Announcing The Students Sold Us Secrets Short Story Competition by Lee J. Mavin & ASJ Publishing. Competition is open to school students in Australia only.


Book Trailer – Pick Up The Phone by Chris Jackson

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Book Trailer – The Alphabet Gang by Tara Mitchell

Book Release – Shadow by Deanna Martinez

By Deanna Martinez

The Rocks have them, so do the birds and the bees. The animals too, even the flowers and trees.” Shadow the cat is curious to see, what is this estranged thing that follows her and what could it be? Follow Shadow on her journey as she discovers the mystery of the shadow that follows her.

Available as Paperback on Lulu, and digital on Kindle and Smashwords


Book Release – Childrens Books by Maria McCutchen

Introducing the delightful children’s stories from Maria McCutchen that will entertain and educate your child.

When a child discovers about animals and learns something new; whether a new animal or a new trait about the animal, there is nothing more exciting. “I Live in a Tree” series helps to encourage that excitement by helping a child to learn something new and fascinating about the animal.

Available as Paperback or individual stories are available on Kindle. (Click the image to be redirected to Kindle for each title).


I live in the sea



I live in a tree

I live on a farm