Book Chat With Canadian Author Rob Gushue

Book Chat With Sandra Wigzell, Organiser Of The Book Expo Australia

Book Release – Slingshot

by Marc Douglas

Slingshot is an adventure set in the future. Issues today (environment damage, shrinking resources, inept politicians, bizarre dictators, religious fanatics and economic chaos) are projected into an era when Earth will no longer support our bludgeoning population. A sister planet is found, a method to travel is discovered (the Slngshot Principle) and two of our first long range missions crash and are marooned on an alien planet. Not quite the start they envisioned but a clean slate and new beginning regardless. A story of courage, passion, faith and fortitude.


Available on Smashwords, Kindle and Amazon Print

Book Chat with Hally Rhiannon-Nammu. Author, Business Woman & Holistic Therapist

Book Chat With Australian Author and Actor – Max Davine

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Short Story Competition

Announcing The Students Sold Us Secrets Short Story Competition by Lee J. Mavin & ASJ Publishing. Competition is open to school students in Australia only.


Book Trailer – Pick Up The Phone by Chris Jackson