Goodreads Book Review – Bloodline Of Darkness

Bloodline Of Darkness
Review by Lee J Mavin
Rating: 5 Star

Pentagrams and Demonic Chants! My kind of horror story!
A review of: The Bloodline Of Darkness By CA Milson
By Lee J Mavin

Blurb: From the time that the Darkness ruled the ancient tribes, The Elders prophesied of a time when a descendant of The Gods would arise. Tonight, in the town of Winmont, an Ancient Legion has been awoken to finish what they started many millennia ago. Now, the fate of humanity is in the hands of One, but can he overcome the forces that dare to challenge the bloodline of the Gods?

This is also the second in the series, the first being The Chosen: Rise Of Darkness.(A must read before reading this!)The third is She’s Not So Ordinary which is co-written by C.A Milson and J.D Rebel.

A little about the author:
C.A Milson is an award winning author based out of Melbourne Australia. He has a doctorate in Biblical studies and has been fascinated with horror ever since his grandmother used to read him stories from paranormal magazine.

Now onto the book:
This is truly a grand effort and honestly a great read.At 315 pages this book has depth and is horrifyingly addictive. It is a magnificent ride through dark and evil places, some of which I can’t shake from my mind.I’m talking pentagrams, human sacrifice, demons and armies of darkness type stuff here, not for the faint at heart but certainly for fans of well written horror, thriller and fantasy. The chapters are bulky but you’ll get through all twenty one of them quickly, as this book is another page turner from the master of horror C.A Milson.

The Bloodline of Darkness by C.A Milson starts off brilliantly. We are thrown into the strange world of Alex who has visions and nightmares of greats beastly creatures. ‘His life was a classic example of one supernatural event after another’

The book really heats up by Chapter six when Alex arrives at a murder scene.Blood was all over the place. When reading this chapter try not to scream out loud if you are in a library. Chapter thirteen crept me out, that’s where demonic chants and all the disturbingly freaky action takes place.Following this, things get even darker!
You’ll have to go out and get a copy to find out the rest, I don’t want to spoil anything. You won’t regret it, unless you enjoy sleeping peacefully through the night. I now watch the shadows on my bedroom walls and roof and sometimes, just sometimes I hear the demonic chants creeping into my ears.

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