BookStore – Bloodline Of Darkness

Bloodline of Darkness

In an ancient world, a darkness was unearthed. 5,000 years ago, that Darkness walked among men and they were heralded as Gods, and for a season, prosperity was given to the Northern Tribes, until Legion appeared among them and destroyed all but a handful of the Anicent Ones. Today, a hero must take his place amongst his forefathers and rectify the events that changed the world he knows. But will he overcome the darkness that rules his own heart?

Ten years after his encounter in Winmont, Alex has forsaken his calling to live a life less than ordinary. All that he was and knew is now nothing more than a faded dream. But Darkness has a way of remembering, and the Ancient Legion has found a way back into the world. In the days that surround Alex’s trauma, a portal is opened, and the events that occured in Winmont have been changed. Now, the world he knows is in choas, and the Darkness and Hellfire has ruled the earth for the last ten years. Only by witnessing the past can he change the events of the present and save us all, but will he regain his giftings before the darkness consumes the world?

bloodline of darkness

Available in Paperback, Kindle and soon as Audiobook


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