Author Bio – Timothy Pina

Timothy Pina


Timothy Pina is an American Writer, Author (Children’s Fiction), Poet and Screenplay Writer who has overcome various life obstacles. As a successful author and humanitarian, he attributes much of his success to a deep spiritual awakening he had in 2003 after a near-death experience. This experience has led Timothy down the road of self-discovery and conscious living. He states that after all of the conflict and suffering he has endured, he now realizes that the most prevalent lesson learned was – if God brings you to it, he will see you through it. Today, Timothy strives to help others to rise above life’s challenges and create a life that will add value to others and to the world. Writing is his passion in life and he tries to use it to help inspire all those in despair. Richard Paul is a high energy, value driven, school assembly and educational conference presenter. He shares his passion for bully prevention education to audiences in both the United States and Canada. More than 600,000 students, teachers, counselors and administrators have heard his message. Each of his bully prevention and safe school programs offer an exceptionally creative and content rich presentation on self-esteem, character building, anti-bullying, cyber bullying, success skills and positive behavior support. His school assemblies and educational conference programs offer tools teachers, administrators, parents and students can implement to prevent and reduce bullying issues. Richard holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oakland University in Communications and Marketing, he is an award winning educational speaker and author. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Detroit News, Fox News and was part of a national bully prevention expert panel on Voice America. Born with a birth defect (his right arm is missing three fingers and shorter than his left), he has never let this so-called disability prevent him from living his dreams.


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