Author Bio – Ben Terhune

Ben Terhune

 B. Terhune

Benjamin Terhune is an ordinary guy if you factor in owning his own business and trying to land a couple book deals. He works in technology salvage where he recycles and tears down anything from cars to computers. It’s a feast or famine industry and he loves it. Everything he owns is bought and paid for, and he hopes to expand his assets and business over the next few years.

He is a one time divorcee. He claims they just got married way too young and grew apart as time went on. He spent a few months after his divorce traveling the U.S. by backpack and bus. He claims to read ridiculously fast and can read and fully comprehend an academic textbook or novel in just a few hours time. He does have a photographic memory, It’s both a blessing and a curse. He is a community college and tech school graduate. He would like you to know his major has absolutely no bearing on his chosen career. He is also an Army Veteran and would like you to know he is perfectly sane and enjoyed the experience.

Ben is the author of Broken Bonds


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