Book Release – Legend Of The Phoenix

Legend Of The Phoenix


Jessica Holscher

Paperback ISBN: 978-0992283223
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9923285-4-2

Life in a fairytale should be easy: find a magical sword, slay a dragon, save the princess and fulfill your prophecy. Too bad for Ethan Saunter that there’s no such thing as prophecies, the princess has more fighting abilities than he does, and magical swords are never as magical as they seem. The good news: he receives a legendary magical sword to help him become a hero. The bad news: he immediately breaks the sword and releases Dahlia, evil queen of the nymphs. Dahlia wastes no time in creating a nymph army. Ethan gathers his friends to help correct his mistake by embarking on a dangerous mission to defeat Dahlia.

Available in Paperback, Digital & Hardcover

Legend Of The Phoenix


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