Book Release – Angel Valence

Angel Valence


Max Davine

Ineke Valence: Single mother of one. Blond. A drinker in spite of prohibition. Resident of Staten Island.

The Angel of New York: The law’s gun for hire, the one they send when the job gets too risky, a thief, or bodyguard, or murderess… A former spy of the Russian Revolution.

During the last months of the Roaring Twenties, one woman must play both roles. But when her NYPD contacts throw her a job that’s close to home, she finds the lines between the two alter-agos beginning to blur, and her daughter’s life in jeopardy. She travels to the small northern city of Rochester to crack the case before the mob cracks her identity, but what she finds will put her violent, tragic history on a more dangerous collision course with her delicately balanced present than she could ever have imagined.

Angel Valence

Available in Paperback & Kindle.

About The Author

Grew up in Melbourne’s inner eastern suburbs, with the first ten years lived in a house which also accommodated his parents, sister, uncle and grandparents (mother’s side), Davine was always fascinated by the different stories three generations of his Hungarian born family, as well as those of his cousins and family scattered across Europe after the war. Often falling behind in school due to drifting off into the worlds in his mind painted by their fascinating stories, Davine took to his high-school musical productions as a way of mending his shaky academic reputation. Acting and writing became his number one pursuit in the years after.

Max Davine


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