Goodreads Book Review – Terra Domina

Book Review of Terra Domina by Lee J Mavin

Terra Domina: An Action packed book with mass appeal!

Blurb of Terra Domina:

1885. A ten year old boy is missing. His twin sister encounters a strange old man in the woods near her house. He seems infatuated with her, and displays unusual control over the world around him, over the events to follow in her life. She is Michelle Augustine, and from this day to her adulthood, the turn of the century, to Australian Federation, from poverty to comfort, love to loneliness, violence to peace and all the passion, joy, death and destruction her life will influence he and his sinister connection to her will never be far behind.

Words seem to come easy for Max Davine in his action packed novel Terra Domina. It is a definite page turner (or press for all you e-readers out there) and is filled with believable characters, addictive plot and authentic dialogue, all the essential ingredients for a fantastic new read!
Terra Domina is the type of in-depth thriller that belongs on the bestsellers stands with a display in the front of the bookstore window. This book should be printed in the millions as it has mass appeal. Think of books by Wilbur Smith, James Patterson, Dean Koontz and Stephen King, mix them all together and you’ll get this book and the upcoming titles by Max Davine, who is some sort of genius!
ASJ Publishers have been the lucky ones to get a hold of this guy. You found it here first, save the date (15/08/2013) I was one of the first to review this wonderful book and surely there will be many many more!

Max is another Melbourne writer oozing with talent. Look out for his next book ‘Angel Valence’ also with ASJ Publishers!

I recommend this book to all fans of good fiction, go out and get a copy today, just so you can say you are not a bandwagon fan in the next few years when his novels are all bestsellers!
5 stars!


for more about Max Davine at Goodreads:


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