Book Review – A Chapter Finished, A Page Turned…

Book: A Chapter Finished
Publisher: ASJ Publishing
Author: Ken Maxon
Reviewed by: Lee Mavin

‘A Chapter Finished, a page turned, the sunset will come back’ is quite a long title for such a short collection of poetry but Ken Maxon does not disappoint at all in delivering a classic feel of emotionally thick verse poetry.
The book starts with an introduction titled Hope Loving, which is a beautifully written piece to set the tone for the entire book. Then the first poem ‘Destiny’ drifts into your head. I loved this poem, it reminded me so much of WB Yeats and even early Sylvia Plath. My favourite too lines are the determined…
‘For better, for worse, through thick and thin
whatever life throws at us we’ll win’

I am a married man and really felt encouraged by these lines!

There is a real classic feel to these poems, almost modernist pre 19th Century poetry influenced with a modern touch! Most of these poems are long and really tell epic tales and flow smoothly from line to line. The poem Fade To Black was a stand out for me too! I loved the lines,

‘Forgiveness it’s said comes deep from within
It starts once the pain stops, it allows us to win’

But there are other poems that hold more of a narrative feel, with a well written story unfolding within carefully sculpted rhymes.This is the case in the poem “The Mermaid” the two lines stanzas flow so well together and bring the vividness of the fantasy together.

This is followed by some Haiku, which shows the wide range of styles that Ken Maxon can produce. Then at last the brilliant poem, ‘The Four Seasons Of A Woman’ The title says it all!
Poetry lovers, go out and read this book, after reading these poems out loud over, (after a few glasses of wine) this belongs on the shelve with all your other treasured collections of poetry TS Elliot, WB Yeats…then Ken Maxon.

NOTE: this collection should be read over and over and over!


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