Book Release – Sinful Desire

Sinful Desire
Lana Amos


A young virgin is left at home with her handsome, 40 year old step uncle. After lusting after him for some time, she takes the opportunity to seduce him and make him her first. Going a step further she decides she wants a baby by him. Despite giving in to her advances, he is reluctant to impregnate her, so she is forced to go all out to make him fall in love with her.

Cindy is a beautiful, sexually curious 18 year old virgin. Jim her respectable, athletic, good looking step-uncle aged 44. Cindy is a tease and not at all naive about boys. She’s well aware of the effect her body has on men and has had some sexual experience including pornography, but has been saving her virginity for the right man. She decides it’s Jim and wants a baby by him, so he will be hers forever.

Jim has noticed Cindy but considers her off limits, even though he has no blood tie to her. He is well aware of the taboo placed on the situation, but is also virile and highly sexual, his large penis and fit build having always made him popular with ladies.

We first find Cindy fantasizing about sex with Jim, until she ultimately decides he is the man she’s in love with and wants a baby by him. She seduces him in the bathroom, persuading him to take her virginity, but making him hold back when she blurts out that she wants his baby. She makes out she didn’t mean it and finishes him off orally, so she doesn’t get pregnant. Secretly she forms a plan to break down his defenses

Relatives come for dinner so their affair is put on hold until that night when Cindy again seduces Jim, this time in the garage. After passionate sex, she allows him to finish in her anus, again avoiding pregnancy. Cindy’s self-sacrifice so impresses Jim, he realizes she is really in love with him and feels the same way. He drags her to the cellar and ties her up before making love to her again, this time finishing inside her to get her pregnant. They realize they are actually in love with each other and will overcome the obstacles that their unorthodox relationship will bring up.

Available for Kindle.

Sinful Desire


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