Book Release – Tortured Passions

Tortured Passions

by Lana Amos

Aiden was loyal and devoted to his bride, Ljubica. That was until Oxana came into his life that fateful day on the train. She was young, ambitious, seductive. Aiden knew that he would not cheat on his devoted wife, but that image he received of Ljubica in his email told a different story, and what started as a game, quickly ended up with a passionate affair with the young temptress.

Aiden becomes consumed by the idea of Ljubica being with another man, transferring his own transgressions to her. He has dreams/nightmares about her with other, faceless man.

Finally, after one particularly vulgar nightmare, he sees himself as the man Ljubica is “transgressing” with. In a cathartic moment he realizes he is the one that has done wrong, and returns to Ljubica, declaring his undying love for her; Hoping for another chance.

But will Ljubica take Aiden back, after he had left her for the temptress?

Available from ASJ Publishing in Paperback & Digital.


About The Author

Lana Amos is from the Ukraine and her passions are literature, theatre, and her cats. When Lana is not writing she spends her time studying.


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