Book Release – Entertaining Thoughts

Entertaining Thoughts

by Colette Cornatzer
Edited by Donna Pearlman

Entertaining Thoughts

Entertaining Thoughts depicts the mind of a serial killer with a unique talent. After a tragedy rips Sham De Swamp from the only family he has ever known, his genius mind plummets into a dark place, from which he cannot return. Enter Sham’s mind and see just how he got to be standing in a courtroom, waiting for the verdict that may result in the extinguishing of his body, but Sham knows that no amount of punishment, not even death, could remove the blackened stain he has made on this world.

Get inside the mind of one Serial Killer!

Available as Ebook from ASJ Publishing and in Paperback and Kindle.

About The Author

Colette Cornatzer lives in New Jersey and has been writing since she was ten years old. Colette has always loved stories, whether they were told through books, or relayed from her family, she would always be able to see the story unfold inside her head. She would see it, taste it and believe it. Still to this day, regardless of the story nor the storyteller, when she becomes engrossed in a story, she is there; in the middle of the action, experiencing everything with the characters. This is the same experience she hopes to bring readers of her own stories.




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