Book Release – The Horror Movie Society

The Horror Movie Society

by M. Patton
Edited by Donna Pearlman

The Horror Movie Society allowed Rob and his friends to thwart adulthood for years, but real life has a way of hiding in the dark and clutching you unexpectedly. So do serial killers. Worried that he’s losing his friends, Rob reunites the Society for a horror movie marathon on Halloween night. But he may learn what it’s like to lose everything.

A loving and knowing tribute to the horror genre of the 70s/80s and the slacker era of the 90s, The Horror Movie Society reminds you that, whether you follow your dreams or just settle down, the ending is the same. Existential, funny, and genuine, this book may break your heart before pulling it out with a kitchen knife.

About the Author

M. Patton is a freelance writer who was born in New Orleans and now lives in Nashville. He is an avid fan of all things horror, especially 80s slashers, and has maintained horror blogs and podcasts for more than twelve years. The Horror Movie Society is his first novel.

Available as Ebook from ASJ Website and in Paperback & Kindle

The Horror Movie Society


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