Book Release – Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust

by A.A. LaRue
Edited by Donna Pearlman

Lucinda is innocent in the ways of the world and has lived a quiet life, until she discovers the sensual and exotic world of an on-line sex community. Soon she is thrust into an erotic and confusing maelstrom of enticing men, sexy couples and overwhelming visual stimulation. She is quickly sucked into a vortex of risky and dangerous sexual liaisons, with those who would enslave her. Owen is an experienced and world-wise sexually dominate male. He accidentally discovers the naive Lucinda floundering about in dangerous ignorance, and instantly claims her for his own purposes and desires. Can he tame the wild woman who has a new found taste for kink and eroticism?

About the Author

A.A. LaRue has been writing erotic fiction for many years, (for herself, and a few select friends) and has published many sexual tales as a ghost writer. However, this year, she unleashed her sensual voice upon the world as a legitimate writer of passion and intrigue. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband, two large dogs, and a small puppy named Bob. She works full time as a secretary, but still manages to write everyday. She loves music, reading, and of course, eroticism. As a writer of erotic fiction she has opened the eyes, and minds, of those who would not normally indulge in this genre. She counts writing as one of her many guilty pleasures, and she hopes you find her words as satisfying as she has. Come experience her world of delightful and stimulating encounters, seductive people, and alluring scenarios. You will feel the heat coming off the page.

Available as Ebook from ASJ Website and in Paperback & Kindle.

Pixie Dust


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