Book Release – Terra Domina

Terra Domina

by Max Davine
Edited by Donna Pearlman

Terra Domina” is about a girl born that she comes of age during the years of Australian Federation, the trials and tragedies of her life all centered around a strange man who comes and goes throughout, and her responses to them as she goes from runaway to prostitute to housewife to outlaw. She spends time with a group of ex Boer soldiers now working as bounty hunters, works the early hotels of Victoria’s north west country, becomes a copper trader, quite a life, but all the while stalked by this strange entity who has a powerful influence over the events around her.

“1885. A ten year old boy is missing. His twin sister encounters a strange old man in the woods near her house. He seems infatuated with her, and displays unusual control over the world around him, over the events to follow in her life. She is Michelle Augustine, and from this day to her adulthood, the turn of the century, to Australian Federation, from poverty to comfort, love to loneliness, violence to peace and all the passion, joy, death and destruction her life will influence he and his sinister connection to her will never be far behind.”


Available as Ebook from ASJ Publishing and in Paperback and Kindle.


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