Author Bio – J.D. Rebel

J.D. Rebel (and in some parts of the universe known by his real name Rob Gushue), has been writing for 20 plus years. Starting out writing scripts for an independent wrestling promotion in Canada (while working as an active member on the roster), J.D. moved onto writing for a main wrestling entertainment company in the U.S.

After six years, J.D. moved to a smaller company as lead writer, while balancing his writing involvement with Freedoms Light Films that he joined in September 2010 as both lead script writer, as well as COO of the Australian-based company. He is a member of the Canadian writers guild, has a degree in culinary arts, as well as another one in culinary management.

On the side he plays guitar, and likes to exercise by taking his 260lb Saint Bernard for a walk (or having the Saint Bernard drag him to where she wants to go would be more like it.)

J.d. has a very weird writing style, and tends to come up with weird spins on ideas, and also has a very strange sense of humor which usually ends up with people laughing, and stating that he is royally twisted in his brain (which we think might be from taking one too many chair shots.)


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