ASJ Publishing is a Hybrid Publishing company. Our beginnings started in Melbourne, Australia in 2012, (ABN 26 323 309 924), and now we are based in Bolton, UK. We are also a registered company in Philippines.

We work with authors from all walks of life who want to get their work published by offering a unique Hybrid Publishing model. 

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About The Owner



Chris Jackson started ASJ Publishing in 2012.

Prior to 2018, we were a Traditional Publishing Press. We underwent some major  structural changes in 2018 and evolved to a Hybrid Publishing Press. Over the years we have seen and published some wonderful titles, and some had the potential to really take off, but after a few years, the titles were dropped due to no involvement or promotion by the authors.

Sadly, there is a huge misconception about what happens after a book is published, and a lot of new authors have the idealism that once their work is published, they can just sit back and “watch the royalty checks come in“. Reality is, once your work is released by any publisher, your work has only begun. Once you become an author, you have become a brand. And as a brand you need to effectively market yourself. Not just to friends and family, but market yourself to your demographic region.

Not many authors know how to do this.

This is where we come in. Not only do we have a virtual team of editors, graphic artists, and inlay designer, but we also handle  great percentage your marketing. We create a press release for you to distribute to media in your region, set up book signings on your behalf with bookstores in your area, send PDF copy of your work to the foreign rights agency in China, set up paid book reviews, arrange Virtual Book Tours (For examples of what a Virtual Book Tour is, refer to my personal WP Blog).

New authors will still ask us if we would take them on under our former model. The very short answer to that is No.

My background for the better part of 26 years has been in marketing. Marketing is a lot more than a “tweet” here, “Hashtag Insta” there, and one post on your Facebook profile about your book mixed in somewhere in the plethora of the “Selfies” posted on a daily basis.

While ASJ Publishing started as a Book Publisher, we also specialize in Film Production and Photography Services.

We are not accepting new submissions until 2021

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